Become a REF!

The rough and tumble game of derby is not always what everyone is looking for.  Being a referee is a great way to be a part of the amazing and inspiring derby community  on skates (which we happen to think is the most fun way to be.)


Refs are a vital part of roller derby and ideally, there are 6 refs for every game of derby, so we need a lot of them. They are there to make sure the teams play legally, and above all else, safely. Refs are required to complete FRESH MEAT program and all relevant safety testing.


They practice just as hard as the skaters (but with no contact), know the rules like ninjas and are really good at what they do.  They come to regular practices (with less restrictive attendance requirements) and are fully a part of the community.


Fun Derby Fact:  Refs are often affectionately called zebras, have derby names and sometimes appear in some pretty wild 'bout-fits'.


Think being a ref might be for you?